Important topics drawing attention

Statewide topics drawing attention
Colorado Issues Forum

The Colorado Issues Forum
to feature speakers about timely topics

Hot local topics and important policy matters that impact all of us will be the focus of regular talks by movers, shakers, activists, educators, and thinkers in the Colorado sociopolitical scene.

Stay tuned as we organize a permanent venue for the inaugural presentations.

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The CIF Speakers Bureau:
a soapbox for issues enlightenment
with an ongoing slate of presentations

The Colorado Issues Forum is compiling a list of speakers who are available to speak for free on Colorado issues, either from advocacy positions or neutral analysis and educational perspectives. In addition to single speakers, presentation formats will include panel discussions and debate programs.

A centralized database will be created, as well as an ongoing
schedule of presentations to easily find topics and speakers for every interest,
easily accessible from one website location.

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