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About Colorado Issues Digest
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Origins, scope, and purpose of Colorado Issues Digest

Colorado Issues Digest is a resource for anyone wanting to know more about the broad range of issues surrounding the state. In particular, the information here can be very useful to voters, candidates, journalists, students, and newcomers to the state of Colorado.

The information here is an outline overview to provide awareness of the multiplicity of isses facing the state, reflecting concerns raised from a variety of interests. Links are provided here as a partial start to resources that will help expand one's knowledge of these issues.

Started in March, 2011, this site was designed by librarian Ed Sadowski as a resource to help students locate ideas and content for research papers on local issues at Arapahoe Community College, in Littleton. The sites provided here are meant to supplement the library academic databases that are primarily used for student research.

Sadowski teaches "information literacy" classes to help students find and use quality information. The principles taught in these classes relate to everyone, because we are all consumers of information. These information literacy principles include the following: It is always wise to took at any source of information, no matter how authoritative-looking, as the start of exploration of a topic, not the final destination, taking a "trust, but verify" approach. All information, no matter what the source, is vulnerable to inaccuracies, error, bias, and even fraud. Valid as well as faulty facts, opinions, and reasoning are part of the overload and underload of information that we are all confronted with, that we hope to be able to evaluate and judge from which to draw a reasonable conclusion.